Fred Boduo was born and raised in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, a rural southeastern part of Liberia, West Africa. He is no stranger to poverty, hunger and the hardships of living that are common in rural African villages. As a youth, he felt a pastoral call on his life to share the Word of God with his people. He studied at the Bethel school of mission and graduated with a diploma in mission and church planting. He became the founder of Bethel Slipway Church in Zwedru, Liberia and served as an associate pastor of Bethel West Point Church in Monrovia during the war.

Due to the terrible killings during the Liberian civil war, he was forced to flee with his family to Ghana and then to the United States where his family later joined him. Rev. Boduo has a passion to teach people the Word of God so that they can become disciples and teach others about the love of Jesus that will transform their lives. He is currently the founder and pastor of the Berean World Outreach Ministries in Philadelphia.

Working with ESORM, he returned briefly to his home community in Zwedru, Liberia to build our school, New Hope Christian Academy. In Liberia and the United States, Reverend Boduo is experienced in successful church planting, managing churches, pastoring, training and teaching. He resides in Upper Darby with his wife and children.