Sponsor a Child

Benefits of Sponsorship

You can partner with us and help us to help vulnerable orphans to turn hopelessness into dreams for a brighter future through education. When living on less than $2 a day, the margin is very narrow between well-being and tragedy. Sponsorship programs are to assist the most vulnerable children who do not have opportunities to recieve an education aside from your help.

Sponsor a child and feel the joy of giving hope, pride and inspiration to to a young aspiring student. Our sponsorship program gives you the opportunity to build a personal relationship with one or more of these precious children at New Hope Christian Academy. We want to let them know someone cares personally about them. Therefore, we require a one year comittment. We have many orphans children waiting to enter school and you will be changing their life.

Sponsorship Commitment

  • $20 a month for 11 months or $220 a year. For those who give their full sponsorship donation at the beginning, will receive a bag of Liberian coffee, direct from a region near our school.
  • Your sponsorship will cover all tuition fees, books, school supplies and training for their teacher.

What Sponsors Receive

  • In the beginning of your committment, you will receive a picture and a the story of your child. Mid-year we will send you a report of their progress in school.
  • At the end of the school year you will receive a final report of their school success and you will be given first priority to continue in the support of your child.
  • Your pledge goes directly to our students and you can be confident that we keep our operating cost at an absolute minimum.

All of our children feel very grateful for the opportunity that you provide for them to go to school. Our orphans feel especially blessed because you are giving them the only opportunity they have.

A Story of Sponsorship

Orphan- Princess. Sister to Mariam. Mom pregnant and father died. Then mother went crazy/insane. When she was born mother not able to take care of her. No one helped the mom because they thought she was demonic possesed. At 4 mos old, mom abandoned her in the market place and fleed the village. No one knows wehre she is to this day. The people knew the grandmom and brought her to her. Girl doesn’t go to school ever since she never went to school. Can not read or write even her name.

Princess Mon Doh

Princess Mon Doh and her sister Miriam were born during the civil war, with fighting all around. When Princess was two years old, her father passed away. Because of the stress for raising her and her younger sister Miriam during the war, the mother became unhinged and unable to care for the girls . At age 6, her mother abandoned them in the market place and fled the village to live in the woods, where she vanished. The villagers brought the children to live with their grandmother. Because the grandmother lives a very subsistent life, the children now have to help earn an income just to eat a daily meal. They attended school for one semester in 2014 are excited for the opportunity to continue to learn read and write. In 2015 Princess will be in the second grade. They are grateful for your generous help.

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We thank you in advance for your generosity, caring and prayers!